Digital Media: Editing and Format Conversion

Delta L Printing provides the following audio and video services:

Video Format Conversion and Editing
Video format conversion and editing includes conversion of video from VHS, mini-DV, miniDVD, DVD, 8mm camcoder tapes, video CD to DVD, blu-ray or streaming video formats. We can also help you with various video editing projects, such as creating blu-ray disk from multiple DVD, creating a short presentation out of one or several longer movies, cut out or insert parts of a movie, insert titles and chapters, sounds, highlight or blaken out specific person(s), as well as do other kind of editing.

Video / Audio Encoding
With more and more users having fast internet connection, streaming video becomes an essential part of many websites. Streaming video is especially invaluable for remote learning and training - it can work well on its own or supplement materials distributed on DVD. We can edit and encode your video / audio for delivery over the Internet in various formats (Windows media, Real Video, QuickTime, Flash), in different rates to accomodate both dial up and fast connection users.

Video and Audio Transfer
At present the best media for storing and distributing video is DVD (and blu-ray is catching up quickly). It offers the best quality, the quality does not detiriorate when you make copies, it is easy to ship / distribute, and most importantly - the movie will be preserved for generations to come. We transfer video from various media - VHS, VHS-C, camcorder tapes to DVD and blu-ray. If needed, we can transfer video between any of the listed media as well.
We also offer audio digitizing and transfer of audio cassettes to CD.

Video Conversion
If you distribute corporate video in different countries, need to make presentation in Europe or just need to send your home made movie to relatives abroad (or watch a movie they sent you), you will need to deal with different video formats (NTCS in US, PAL / SECAM in Europe). We can transfer your video (VHS or DVD) from NTSC to PAL format, as well as from PAL to NTSC.

Full service Blu-ray /DVD / CD production
We offer full service Blu-ray /DVD / CD production including:

  • Duplication
  • Full color photo-quality surface imprinting
  • Disk lamination - makes disks water and scratch resistant, protects imprint and makes it look better
  • Printing of inserts, insert booklets, tray cards, DVD covers
  • Packaging and fulfillment
We specialize in short run blu-ray, DVD and CD duplication and on demand blu-ray, DVD and CD production and fulfillment.

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