Training Materials: Production and Fulfillment On Demand.

Delta L Printing developed, tested and now provides a set of services uniquely suited for educational organizations and corporate training departments. This package is designed to solve problems that training companies and educational institutions face in production and fulfillment of materials for classes, courses, training sessions.

Since the number of orders or registrations is unknown beforehand, companies normally over-order and then discard obsolete materials, or under-order and have dissatisfied customers who are unable to receive materials on time. The materials for the new classes / sessions should include new data, therefore update of the materials for each new class / training session and fast production turnaround is required.
When training literature is accompanied by CDs or DVDs, training companies often need to coordinate the activities of numerous vendors for printing, video, CD and DVD production, and fulfillment. If a problem occurs somewhere in the chain, it is hard to pinpoint the error and prevent it from happening again. This forces some companies to produce training materials in-house, distracting staff from their main responsibilities and creating less than professional-quality materials.

Our service package includes the following components:

  • On-demand production of digital media (blu-ray, DVD, CD) and / or training literature
    Web based ordering system allows students and clients to order materials for specific courses and training sessions online. As orders are submitted, Delta L produces required training packages, assembles ready kits and ships them to the student or end-user within one business day.
    On demand production on "as orders are submitted" basis ensures that there is no over- or under- ordering, all customers receive materials on time, and each order includes the most recently updated materials.
    In case of a training session, Delta L accepts orders from authorized staff and ships orders to either the company or session location.

  • Kits assembly, packaging and fulfillment, customer care
    Delta L provides complete service, including materials production, assembling kits, packaging and fulfillment. The company does not need to coordinate activities of multiple vendors. Should a student have a question or a problem with any of the educational materials, they contact Delta L directly and receive a technichal support or replacement. Delta L also deals with delivery / lost packages problems, thus taking all production and distribution off your shoulders.

  • Web based system for training administration, training materials management, ordering, order tracking and reporting
    Using web-based training management system developed by Delta L , you can streamline management of remote and on-site training classes:
    • manage courses and classes
    • manage registrations and course materials
    • order materials for on-demand production and distribution to students, or let students order materials on their own via front-end interface

    Please, contact us to discuss your training materials production and distribution project.

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