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On-demand production of blu-ray, CD/DVD, printed documents, or kits.(*)
Periodic or one-time blu-ray, DVD, CD duplication or printing jobs (**)
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If you have RFP/RFQ for your project, please e-mail it as an attachment to info1@deltalprinting.com
If you prefer to describe your project in free form without filling out the forms, please e-mail description of your project / requirements to info1@deltalprinting.com
(*) On-demand production assumes that you have documents and / or digital media (blu-ray, DVD or CD discs) that you need to produce periodically in variable quantities. Our print-on-demand system will allow you to upload and manage files for such documents and / or digital media via secure web interface and order materials on as needed basis.
(**) Periodic jobs assume that you need to produce a run of blu-ray, DVD, CD or printed documents once in a while, but most of the jobs will be different.


» Mobile Catalogs and Manuals
» Mobile Training Materials Authoring
» E-learning / M-learning Content Development
» Training materials fulfillment
» Blu-ray duplication: short runs and on-demand
» DVD-on-demand
» CD-on-demand
» Print-on-demand

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