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Software supporting on demand printing and CD / DVD ordering and fulfillment

Software is an integral part of on-demand production of printed materials, CD / DVD sets and kits. Without software it would not be possible to organize the process so that multiple low-volume orders placed by different companies and differrent team members are:
  • accurately recorded
  • immediately available to our production team for review and fulfillment
  • available to company members for search, review and tracking
On-demand orders often concern frequently updated documents / digital media, therefore our supporting software ensures that:
  • You / your team can always upload a new version of the document
  • Authorized team member placing the order can review document being ordered and make sure it is the correct version
  • Production team downloads the new version of the document / file before fulfilling the order
Printer Diamond software that we use produces various reports that help our customers identify ordering trends and access financial information.

Phone and fax orders, which may work for "slow" traditional high-volume printing or digital media orders have their shortcomings when it comes to "fast" on-demand production. They inevitably lead to confusion, duplicate orders, unfulfilled orders, production of the wrong version etc.

Delta L Printing offers several versions of Printer Diamond software that streamlines operations and makes on demand production and ordering seamless:

Backend Document Management and Ordering System

All print-on-demand clients receive access to web-based document management and ordering system, that allows authorized staff to:

  • Create new products (printed documents, CD, DVD or kits), upload and replace files, search, review, update and delete existing products. Team members who are located in different offices especially appreciate this feature, since it allows them to work together on the documents.
  • Order documents for production on as-needed basis, review order status
  • Review various order reports
  • User with administrative access can control users of the system - add, update, delete users, set users' privileges
There are no set up or monthly fees for usage of the system. You receive access to the system as soon as you create an account.

Customer Front End Ordering System

Customer front end ordering system can be created optionally for your clients so that they could order your materials directly from us via the web. We customize front end system for each print-on-demand client - it can be as simple as one ordering page with several products, or it can be full blown e-commerce site with customer-specific rules. We customize the look of the front end pages to match the design of your main web site. The orders placed via front end system are automatically recorded in back end system and are sent to Delta L Printing for fulfillment.
If you already have front end ordering system for your clients, we can integrate it with the back end system so that you won't need to re-enter the orders as they are placed on your web site - orders will immediately be recorded in back end system and available for fulfillment.
If you are interested in creating Customer Front End Ordering System please e-mail us details about your situation or call (814)234-0900.

Registration / Ordering of Materials for Remote Learning

We offer training management web-based software system specifically tailored to remote learning classes. It consists of:
Back End (Distance Learning Support Staff and Production Team):

  • Course management
  • Class scheduling
  • Students registration
  • Broadcast e-mail to all or selected students
  • Training materials design collaboration tools: review, uploading and changing document files, binders / kits creation, ordering materials for production and fulfillment
  • Search, retrieve, review and track received, shipped and unshipped orders,
  • Modify order status
  • Review order statistics by various parameters, create financial reports and invoices
Front End (Students):
  • Class registration
  • Materials ordering
  • Order status review, tracking
  • Shipping problem reporting
  • Latest announcements review, technical FAQ
  • Problem reporting, replacement materials ordering
  • Replacement status checking

If you are interested in reviewing training management software system, please see training management software details or sign up for a free 30 day trial.


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