Mobile Business Forms For Electronic Data Collection

Inspection forms, maintenance forms, service records, audit, checklist... and any other forms you use to record business assets and equipment data can (and should) be replaced by electronic forms filled out on a smartphone or tablet. Mobile business forms is an easy and inexpensive way to switch to electronic forms.

Electronic forms are a two-step process:

  • Employee scans QR code on the asset or equipment. The scan immediately identifies the equipment and produces a list of relevant forms.
  • Filled out forms are sent to and stored in the cloud, where administrator can search, review, export the forms and produce reports based on the forms' data.

Replace Paper Forms With Electronic Mobile Forms
You can easily create forms that you need via the web interface, or send us your paper forms and we will convert them for you. Link forms and assets - each asset can have multiple forms and each form can be valid for multiple assets.
Fill Out Forms On Mobile Devices
Your employees will be able to fill out forms on any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. Take photos to attach to the form for visual documentation.
User can fill out a form without data connection, and submit it once connection is available.
QR Codes Based Identification
Label assets and equipment with QR codes. Employee will scan QR code with a smartphone or tablet to identify an asset and retrieve a list of available forms.
Generate and print QR codes using embedded QR code generation tool, or we can print QR code labels and tags for you.
Store Information In the Cloud
Access submitted information from anywhere, including data and images. Search, review, export, view reports and statistics on submitted data.
Access Critical Information
Employees can retrieve information on the asset or equipment by scanning QR code. Information may include asset specifications, instructions, emergency procedures, images, urls to pdf documentation or video, and other required information.

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