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Printer Diamond :: On Demand Document Production and Fulfillment :: Enterprise Solutions

Printer Diamond
Printer Diamond is a package of services that, at customer's preference, may include any or all of the following:
  • On-demand production of printed materials
  • On-demand production of CD and DVD sets (VHS available on a limited basis)
  • Kits assembly
  • Document distribution / fulfillment
  • Web-based document management and ordering system, order tracking and reporting
  • Customer support

Problems That Printer Diamond Solves

  1. Over- and under- orders - Research shows that on average between twenty and forty percent of printed materials a company orders gets discarded due to over-ordering or necessity to modify documents. On other occasions you might get caught with unusually large number of orders or registrations and run out of materials while production of additional sets documents takes significant time.
    Printer Diamond and our on-demand production solves these problems. All materials are produced on as needed basis, as orders are submitted or registrations are processed.
  2. Deadlines and last-minute changes - unlike traditional printers, we produce documents with very fast turnaround. This helps you to meet deadlines and gives flexibility of introducing last minute changes.
  3. Mistakes in production and distribution - Printer Diamond web-based document management and ordering system provides complete control and tracking of document versions, orders and shipments, eliminating the possibility of mistakes such as printing previous version of the document instead of the current one, shipping materials to the wrong address, mixing up orders, etc.
  4. Employees' time - Printer Diamond allows complete outsourcing of company document production and distribution to Delta L Printing, freeing your staff to perform their direct duties in serving your customers. We can handle every aspect from design and production to fulfillment to handling customer support.
Printer Diamond Benefits
  1. Documents / Media is produced on time, meeting deadlines and eliminating over- and under- orders.
  2. Complete solution: design, printing, CD / DVD production, packaging, fulfillment, customer care
  3. Web-based system that allows you to keep track of documents, order them on as needed basis, track orders, review order history and reports
Companies That Benefit From Printer Diamond
Any company that needs to print documents / produce digital media in variable amounts with frequent changes and fast turnaround will benefit from using Printer Diamond service package. However, in our experience the following companies find the greatest benefits in using Printer Diamond:
  1. Software Companies use our services in printing of manuals, CD production, kit assembly and fulfillment. Printer Diamond also proved to be a great tool in managing materials for training sessions.
  2. Educational Institutions use Printer Diamond Services for production of instructional materials for distance learning courses and shipping them to students. Students can order materials directly and track their orders on our web site. We also handle all post-fulfillment support, students' questions, replacement and return requests.
  3. Training Companies / Departments use our services producing training kits for specific classes and training sessions, customizing materials for specific clients.
  4. Consultants successfully use Printer Diamond Services for production and fulfillment of manuals, guides and CD / DVD sets as they are purchased.
How Do I Start?
Create account and start creating, uploading and organizing your documents. When you are ready, request production prices for the document(s). As soon as prices are set (within 1-2 business hours after you requested them), authorized company employees can order documents and / or digital media for production on as needed basis. The orders are usually filled within one business day, and are shipped to company location or to the uploaded list of your customers.
If required, Delta L can set up web ordering for your company clients, so that they could order materials directly from Delta L Printing.

Important: We understand value of privacy - yours and your customers. If you requre Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement, please send your form to our specialist, mention your address and fax number, we will execute the agreement and fax / mail back to you.


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