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E-learning Content Development

E-learning, including both purely web-based training and hybrid, or blended learning that combines web-based and traditional approaches is growing faster than any other sector of post-secondary and professional education. Students like accessibility of virtual classrooms. Employers love savings they can take to the bank. Many training companies have certain apprehension, however, worried about potential cannnibalisation of existing business. This is a legitimate concern. Nevertheless our experience shows that fears of cannibalisation do not materialize when e-learning is taken as an opportunity to both expand your reach and convert learning into truly year-round experience. This makes e-learning a valuable part of class offering for increasing number of training companies and educational institutions.

The mission of Delta L is to assist educators and trainers in converting existing classes to e-learning and / or blended format. We help customers in all stages of the project:

  • We will work with you to develop the plan and technology to use for your e-learning courses, as well as suggest the best delivery format.
  • Video: Videotaping of lectures, video editing, video format conversion, streaming video.
  • Web development and programming for web-based training: Converting your course contents to web format, design of the framework and flow, including quizzes and interactive demonstrations.
  • Educational CD / DVD authoring Creating CD / DVD from your videotaped lectures, slide shows, written materials, hands-on demonstartions, quizzes and links to outside materials.
  • Development of course portals Course web site for the students to communicate with each other / instructor via electronic means, review additional course materials and announcements, order materials for the courses, receive technical support.
  • Second Life Development Second Life is a virtual world where a person, represented by an "avatar" - graphical image of a user, can communicate, create projects, start businesses, and do pretty much everything that is available in real life. Second Life provides a great opportunity for distance education - from conducting classes with all participants on-line and communicating similar to real-life classroom, to creating learning models and simulations in a safe environment. Delta L provides Second Life consulting and development. Please, let us know if you are ready to take your training to the Second Life.
    >>More on Second Life development for education and training

Please, call (814)234-0900 or contact us to discuss your e-learning or remote learning project.


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