Dynamic QR Codes: Fast Access To Information Using Smartphone

Your business has fixed assets, equipment, perhaps infrastructure or property. Employees need access to documentation on these items. Such information can include asset or equipment specifications, emergency procedures, instructions, PDF documentation and other parameters.
Our dynamic QR codes service allows employees to access necessary information on the spot, wherever they are, in the office or in the field. All they need to do is scan QR code with their smartphone. Information that employee sees can be changed via the web interface without re-printing qr code label or tag.

Create Custom Fields
Create custom fields to hold required information via the web interface. Custom fields can hold any information you need: text, image, url to pdf or video.
Change Information Any Time
Change information that employee sees when (s)he scans QR code any time via the web interface. You do not need to reprint QR code label or tag.
Password Protection
Enable user login to protect information from unauthorized access.
Generate and Print QR Code Labels
Maintain list of your assets and equipment. Generate, download, layout and print QR codes via the web interface. You can also use our qr code labels and tags printing service.

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