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On-Demand Production Account - How Does It Work?

Create Account
Fill out account registration form. During business hours we will process your application within one hour and will e-mail you when you account is ready to use. Please, double-check your e-mail and telephone numbers when completing an application to make sure we can contact you with your account information.
Upload files
Upload files for printed documents and discs artwork, ftp data for discs or mail in masters. Create description for each of your products or kits.
Request pricing and (optionally) order proof
We will set prices for materials you requested within one hour during business hours. After pricing is set, your materials are ready for ordering.



Order Materials.
You, as administrator, can create sub-accounts allowing other employees to order materials. Once order is submitted, it will be shipped to a location of your choice, generally within one business day.
Option: Your Clients Order Materials
Optionally we create mini-site where your clients can order materials themselves. These sites can carry your logo and be created in general style of your main site.



Track Orders, Review Reports
You can track order status online, review order history and reports.

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Please, call (814)234-0900 or email info1@deltaltraining.com

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