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Blu-Ray, DVD, CD On Demand for Distance Learning

On-Demand Courseware Production Service
On-Demand Courseware Production Service specifically addresses educator's and student's needs and may include any or all of the following:
  • On-demand production of printed materials for the courses (notes, binders, books, booklets, etc)
  • On-demand production of blu-ray, DVD or CD sets
  • Conversion of DVD format to blu-ray (will allow you to replace set of 10 DVDs with just 2 blu-ray discs)
  • Kits assembly
  • Course materials distribution / fulfillment
  • Web-based system for students to order course materials, check order status, track orders, submit problem reports and requests for media replacement
  • Web-based system for program administrators to review registrations, shipping information, statistics.
  • Materials-related customer support

Why Use On-Demand Courseware Production Service?
On-demand courseware production service proved to be very usefull for distance learning that require customized printing materials and / or video. These materials can (and should) be updated often. Therefore, old courseware that cannot be used must be discarded. Since the number of students who register for a course is not known beforehand, ordering from a traditional printing / media production companies results either in over-order and discarding of unused materials, or under-order and unsatisfied students who do not receive their materials on time. Add to this necessity to coordinate ordering of printed materials from one vendor, video from a different vendor, shipping all materials and handling calls of students who have problems.
On-demand courseware production package of service solves all these problems by:

  • Producing materials on demand as orders are submitted
  • Shipping materials within one business day after order is placed
  • Providing web-based system that sreamlines operations for students and program coordinators
  • Handling materials-related technical support, replacements

What are the alternatives
The alternative is to order printed materials from printing company, DVD/CD from a different company, pay for unused copies or risk to order less copies that are needed, use yet another fulfillment company or ship materials yourselves, handle students' questions and complaints -- does not sound very enticing.

How Much Does On-Demand Production Cost
Use of software is free. Production prices vary depending on your specifications. We do keep them very affordable and if you fill out online quotes form you will receive customized price estimate within one business day.

How Do I Start?
Please, e-mail info1@deltaltraining.com or call 814-234-0900 to discuss your project / request a proposal.


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