On demand CD and DVD production

Delta L's on demand CD and DVD production package includes, at customer preferences, any combination of the following services:
  • Production of CD and/or DVD sets on as needed basis, as orders are received or registrations are submitted
  • Shipping the product directly to your clients
  • Web-based data management, ordering and reporting system
  • Web-based registration and ordering system for your clients
  • Customer support

What is included in CD/DVD production
  • DVD and CD duplication, short run and on demand
  • Full color photo-quality surface imprinting
  • Disk lamination - makes disks water and scratch resistant, makes imprint look better
  • Printing of inserts, insert booklets, tray cards, DVD covers
  • Packaging and fulfillment

Why do I need on demand CD / DVD production
With traditional CD / DVD duplication you need to order significant number of copies at one time (usually over 1000), that are shipped to your office. You then need to distribute them among your clients yourself. There are also short run CD and DVD duplication services that will take orders for smaller runs, usually starting from 25 copies.
These services work fine if you need to mail out 1000 copies of promotional CDs, or plan to bring 100 DVDs with you to give out on a trade show. However, there are many situations when this scenario does not work very well. Some examples are:
  • You are educational institution or training company, and run courses for which instructional CD / DVD sets are used. You do not know how many registrations you will receive. If you over-order, extra disks will have to be discarded. If you under-order, students will not receive their material for the beginning of the class.
    If you use on-demand production, exact number of CD / DVD sets are produced and shipped to the students on time.
  • You are a software company, and need CD manufactured as customers buy the product. If you order regular run of 1000 disks, or even smaller run of 100, and a bug is discovered in the software or you need to introduce new version, you will need to discard a lot of unused copies.
  • You are consultant / scientist / educator, and are selling CD or DVD sets with the new information, knowledge or data via the web. The ideal situation for this scenario would be on demand production, when CD / DVD set is produced when order is received and shipped directly to the customer.

Why use Delta L Printing for on demand CD / DVD production
We provide unique combination of full service CD / DVD production on demand with free access to supporting web-based software, that includes back-end data management, ordering and reporting system for the company and can optionally include front-end ordering system for company's clients.

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