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Short Run CD and DVD Duplication

Delta L Printing specializes in a fully integrated service. If your collateral or mass-mailing includes CD, mini-CD, business-card CD or DVD, or if you need a few copies of a CD or DVD for the internal use we will be happy to work with you. We can duplicate both data and audio/video optical media, imprint DVD / CD surface with your logo and artwork (or create artwork for you), print inserts, booklets and / or tray-cards, package, assembly and mail out your project.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce any size of Compact Disc (regular 120 mm, mini CD, business card CD, hockey rink CD) and DVD. Delta L can provide a total solution for your media CD/DVD duplication needs - all in accordance with processes adhering strictly to best industry practice and ensuring the highest quality of product and service. We realize the importance of your project and will do our best to go well beyond your expectations.

Please, call (814)234-0900 or email info1@deltaltraining.com to discuss your CD or DVD duplication project.


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