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Penn State University - Statewide Programs

          "From duplication to logistics and shipping, we experienced zero errors or complaints from students - a remarkable feat considering the large audience and short turn around. The Web-based ordering and tracking system you [Delta L Printing] designed for us was a real asset."

Edward Donovan, Director, Outreach Office of Statewide Programs for Penn State University

Penn State University Statewide Programs provide distance education for working adults. The students complete the courses remotely using training materials that usually include printed literature and video.
Starting from the Fall session of 2004 Delta L Printing provides on-demand production of DVD sets, assembling of literature and DVD or VHS kits for shipment and post-distribution support. The Fall of 2004 was the first time students were offered choice between VHS or DVD and by a significant margin preferred DVDs.
Delta L uses customized version of its Printer Diamond system web-based system for this project. The system allows students to order course materials, check order status, report shipping problems, review tech support FAQ, report problems with materials and if necessary order replacement, check replacement status. The back-end side of the system allows Delta L Printing production team to retreive and process orders and requests, enter status and shipping information, while Statewide Programs support staff can review orders, create order statistics and financial reports. The system streamlines the operations and significantly reduces number of students' calls to the office / complains.



RemCom, Inc. - On Demand Manuals And CD Production.

RemCom, Inc. is a world leader in software design and consulting in electro-magnetical field propagation and biological effects applications. The company used to produce both documentation, training manuals and CDs in-house because they could not find a vendor who could produce rapidly changing materials on-demand in an economical manner. Delta L Printing combined these capabilities with an easy to access, convenient web-based document management and ordering system that enables Remcom to maintain control of different software versions, order software CDs with the proper accompanying documentation as needed, and track order fulfillment.

Dr. David Carpenter, Director of Product and Application Engineering for Remcom, said,

"The whole process used to consume valuable staff time, time that our people could have been spending on other responsibilities. Now, we order all the materials on-line and receive them within one to two days. We are also very pleased with several changes to the manuals suggested by Delta L that made them look more professional and help us compete in the global market."

Cancer Decisions, Inc. - On-Demand Reports Printing and Fulfillment

Cancer Decisions, Inc. provides reports and information on the newest cancer treatment methods. The company offers over 200 reports on various types of cancer, which they update often to include the new information.
Delta L Printing prints reports on demand, as orders are received, and ship them to the clients within one business day. Cancer Decision staff, who are located in different offices, benefit from Delta Lís web-based document management and ordering system - employees in different locations use the system to upload updated reports, download and review recently updated reports, keep track of the orders, track orders for customers if needed, and review order history and statistics.

Stress Innovations - Web Ordering, On-Demand CD and Manuals Production, Fulfillment.

Stress Innovations, Inc. offers practical and professional tools in stress management, relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. The materials are sold to students as part of the course materials, as well as to interested individuals.

Delta L Printing created front-end ordering web site for Stress Innovations through which customers can order materials. The orders placed via the web site are automatically recorded in back end system and are sent to Delta L Printing for fulfillment.The orders are produced within one business day and are shipped to the clients.
Stress Innovations can also order materials via back-end system at production prices, review history and track orders submitted by clients, get order reports and statistics.

PennScience - Research Journal (University of Pennsylvania)

PennScience is an research journal published by the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA). The editors of the journal had a hard time finding the right printer who could provide high quality printing combined with fast turnaround and within a tight budget. Especially challenging was the cover: each issue focuses on a specific problem and cover often presents microphotograph, so it needs to be printed without even a trace of color distortion. Before contacting Delta L, PennScience tried several local printers, but the results were unsatisfactory.
Gradually increasing the circle of area search, PennScience came in contact with Delta L. It appears that now the printer search is over and top-notch research data for the readers of PennScience will be printed at a highest standard, on-time and within budget





Lady Lions Basketball DVDs - Penn State University

Penn State is renowned for a strong tradition in women's basketball. Year after year Lady Lions are recognized as one of the strongest teams in the country. Several of Lady Lions won Big Ten player and other prestigious awards. This year Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics and WPSX-TV produced promotional video with exclusive highlight footage of two of the Lady Lion stars - Kelly Mazzante and Tanisha Wright - during their remarkable 2003-'04 basketball season. Since game statistics that was published along with the DVDs changes daily, it was important to produce DVDs and covers promptly before promotional materials were sent to judges. Delta L was brought into the picture. We were able to produce required number of promo sets on an extremely short schedule without sacrificing quality and well within budget. Currently Delta L is providing DVDs on as needed basis keeping the University (and fans) happy.

RRIX - Searchable Database on CD And CD Dupliation

RRIX - Regulatory Resources Information Exchange - is a non-profit organization that manages and distributes information on FDA citings.
RRIX has searchable database of citings on their web site, however some of their clients do not have or are not allowed to use Internet access at their work place for the sceurity reasons.
Delta L developed a software application that allows to search data by various parameters and review details. After approval by RRIX, Delta L provides on-going CD duplication, packaging and shipping service.



Bartell & Bartell, LTD

Bartell & Bartell is a consulting company which provides leadership technology and training. They offer a series of monthly classes that require manuals and other study materials. Traditionally, in order to receive a good price, Bartell & Bartell had to order manuals supply for almost a year of classes, thus they could not change them promptly if needed. The quality also was an issue.
Delta L streamlined ordering process for Bartell & Bartell, so that each manual / booklet can be ordered periodically on as needed basis via the web. Delta L also had improved the quality of printed material implementing better binding options and better color consistency control for color booklets.

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